Leading with empathy: How to hold workplace conversations through stress and trauma

"The average full-time employee in the United States works 47 hours per week according to a 2014 Gallup poll. What’s more, technology has increasingly blurred the lines between our work and personal life, especially as more workplaces implement remote work in response to COVID-19. Yet in many workplaces, leaving your personal life behind remains a core expectation of professionalism. The absurdity of this expectation is perfectly expressed by Shenequa Golding in her recent ar

Is Your Company Actually Fighting Racism, or Just Talking About It?

"The current moment has the potential to be pivotal in addressing the disparity if corporate leaders have the wherewithal to identify the harm being done to Black employees and employees of color, to name company- and industry-specific actions they will take to remedy the harm, and to hold themselves accountable." #diversityequityinclusion #accountability

8 TED Talks on the Link between Health & Racism

Great recommendations from TED Conferences as we continue to educate ourselves on the detrimental impact of racism in the United States. #diversityequityinclusion #racialjustice

Anti-Racism Resources

How are you, and/or your organization, pushing racial equity work forward during these challenging times?Fletcher Consulting has put together a few resources to get you started. #racialjustice #blacklivesmatter #diversityequityinclusion

Is There a “Time and Place” to Address Injustice?

"Our country is in a racial crisis, and it is important that none of us turn a blind eye. It may be tempting to pretend as if everything is okay, but each of us must resist the urge to gloss over what is happening. While issues involving racism and police brutality may seem to take place in our social, and “political” arenas, they are unequivocally linked to our workplaces as well." Thank you to Kelsea Médard, one of our Senior Consultants, for sharing your thoughts on the im

Adapt Your D&I Efforts to the Reality of the Crisis

"While it’s tempting to respond to uncertainty and financial pressure by dropping DE&I programs, it won’t serve your organization in the long run. These efforts can be both scrappy and effective, strategic and sustainable. DE&I can be the means by which your company not only survives this crisis but comes out on the other side of it stronger." Great read on the importance of #diversity #equity and #inclusion efforts in order to support organizations through these unprecedente

Virtual Anti-Harassment Training

Now more than ever, it's important to maintain a respectful & inclusive (remote) work environment. See below for our virtual anti-harassment training and contact us to schedule yours today! #fletcherconsulting #virtuallyinclusivepractices #diversityequityinclusion

Fletcher Consulting Services are Virtual!

Fletcher Consulting has gone virtual! Be on the look out for ways to actively engage your company with us and visit us at for more info! #virtuallyinclusivepractices #diversityequityinclusion

Strategies for Maintaining an Inclusive Workforce

Fletcher Consulting had it's first Virtual Learning Session last week, focusing on strategies for maintaining an inclusive & cohesive workforce during the COVID-19 crisis. Participants engaged in meaningful conversation and discussion around best practices and ways to ensure #diversity #equity and #inclusion is still being prioritized. Take a look at some of our strategies below, and be on the look out for more information on each strategy, all week 🙂 #diversityequityinclusi