At Fletcher Consulting, we help our clients mitigate unconscious bias at the personal, interpersonal and systems levels. As individuals, we come by our unconscious biases naturally, as a result of our experiences in life. We have to be intentional in order to mitigate our biases and to remove them from systems, which may appear to be neutral on their face but, which have a disparate impact on certain populations. We engage our clients in the following ways:

  • We help participants, in workshops and presentations, to increase their awareness of their biases, through discussion and experiential exercises.

  • We provide participants, in workshops and presentations, with the skills and tools for positive interactions and opportunities to practice, through case studies and strategy development. 

  • We evaluate organizational systems, through assessments and consulting engagements, and lead organizations in a strategic planning process that will result in  culture change in organizational systems.  

With this three-pronged approach of increasing personal awareness, improving interpersonal interactions and dismantling bias in organizational systems, we believe that we can help our clients advance diversity, equity, inclusion and access in their organizations and in society.