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Bias isn’t a character flaw. It’s a natural characteristic of the human brain. But it has pernicious effects, especially when it is embedded in systems and institutions. Many organizational norms appear neutral on the surface, but they have disparate impact on certain populations—usually the same ones you have worked hard to recruit and retain in order to embrace a diverse workforce.


Transforming an organization into an equitable and inclusive one starts with acknowledging these realities. The next steps include:

When these muti-dimensional efforts are well coordinated and supported by committed leaders with an authentic vision, we have seen organizations make notable shifts.

Building the skills of noticing and interrupting bias at the 

through reflection, discussion, and exercises

individual level

Practicing and strengthening

interpersonal interactions

through case studies, tools, and strategy


organizational systems

through quantitative and qualitative assessments and consulting engagements


process that will result in culture change in organizational systems

Embarking on a DEI

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