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Our New Year’s Priority: Momentum in DEIB

Happy New Year to all of our clients, colleagues, and friends!

As we begin 2023, we at Fletcher Consulting are focusing on the word “momentum.” Specifically, ways to support our clients in maintaining the momentum of the diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging work that many started (or that picked up steam), in recent years. Some of you might be noticing less engagement and/or fewer resources dedicated to DEIB in your organizations.

One of our core values at Fletcher Consulting is “meeting clients where they are, and partnering with them to move forward.” We are brainstorming ways to enhance our services to advance momentum within our client organizations.

We are still strategizing but here are a few of our initial thoughts:

  • Support and reinforce the DEI champions in our client organizations

  • Share the successes and wisdom of some of our clients through spotlight stories, to provide others with examples of effective practices that might work for their organizations

  • Create new workshops that will center particular audiences, based on group identity

  • Coach leaders on how to equitably support the professional development of everyone in their group and build a sustainable DEIB infrastructure

  • Develop a phased approach to work with organizations whose work culture or structure can’t support time-intensive projects like strategic planning

If you are a DEI champion in your organization, what would be helpful to you as you contemplate 2023? Tell us what you need in the comments below.

Let’s celebrate the successes of 2022 and work together to keep the momentum going in 2023!

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