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We approach learning with compassion and humanity, knowing that vulnerable and uncomfortable conversations require respect, not shame; clarity, not academic jargon. Our expert facilitators start with tested curricula that are engaging, interactive, and enlightening. Then we work with organizations to customize the case studies, themes, examples, and levels to your industry and company culture. 

Workshops range from broad and introductory to focused and advanced, from auditorium presentations to small group dialogues for teams or cohorts, virtual and in-person. All are packed with real-life examples, surprising exercises, and case studies tailored to your field and organization. Your team ends up with increased personal awareness, improved interpersonal interactions, and action plans to mitigate bias in organizational systems. 

Diverse group of focused businesspeople brainstorming together on a whiteboard during a st

Bring leaders and employees to a shared understanding and a common language regarding fundamental DEI concepts like unconscious bias, inclusion, and cultural competence. Guided conversations, case studies, small-group discussions, and large-group debriefs engage and challenge participants.

  • ​Recognizing unconscious bias in the workplace and the impact it has

  • Learning skills for mitigating the effect of unconscious bias at work

  • Understanding “privilege” and “unearned advantage/disadvantage” and how they relate to the practice of allyship

  • Planning and practicing how to have courageous and challenging conversations with colleagues

  • And more

Navigating Unconscious Bias
Promoting Inclusion

Our follow-on workshops dig deeper into modules covered in the foundational workshops, or target particular organizational systems.​ We also design follow-on workshops to meet your specific needs.

Microaggressions: Their Impact Isn't Micro
Practicing Productive Conversations
Strengthening Allyship Skills
Exploring Privilege
Working WIth Diverse Teams
Building Inclusive Leaders
Mitigating Bias in Interviewing
Mitigating Bias in the Feedback Process
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